Craig Derry has over 45 years of experience as a performer, vocal coach, and music producer. His work has crossed generations and genres – he has worked with the legendary Etta James as a vocalist, all the way up to training current day superstars such as Alicia Keys and Katy Perry.

As a successful vocalist himself, Craig has learned of the extreme demands that the human voice incurs while touring or performing repeatedly. Obstacles such as sickness, shyness, hoarseness plague those who sing regularly – but Craig has proven with his signature technique – termed “vocal aerobics” – that those obstacles can be controlled, minimized, and overcome. His techniques, which essentially give the vocalist a sonic “massage” of sorts - are not just built to prepare a singer for one performance, but for a lifetime of performances as well. Craig has been trusted and relied upon by some of the biggest names in music in various situations, including:

  • Preparing Katy Perry for one of her biggest performances on the nationally televised Today Show

  • Resurrecting R & B legend Maxwell’s voice just hours before a crucial performance in New York City

  • Preparing Jay Sean for his upcoming 2013 tour, his biggest tour yet

  • Working with Alicia Keys in the early stages of her career

  • Helping develop international superstar Marc Anthony’s vocals

  • Training Mary J Blige

  • Training Missy Elliot

  • Training Sean Kingston

  • Training Mario

In addition to helping train numerous superstars, Craig has also collaborated with many superstars as a vocalist himself, including:

  • Michael Jackson

  • Mick Jagger

  • Isaac Hayes (Craig was signed by Isaac Hayes to his record label)

  • The Sugar Hill Gang

  • Etta James

  • Wilson Pickett

  • Ronnie Isley

  • Lisa Fisher

  • Fonzi Thorton

  • Jennifer Hudson

  • And many more

Craig’s methods incorporate years of research, application, and verification – and have not been taught anywhere else in the world. By providing the vocalist with the proper energy to perform optimally, his techniques have been proven to help jump-start, lengthen, and even rescue the careers of today’s (and yesterday’s) most successful musicians. He is a firm believer in the voice that is, the voice that was, and the voice that is yet to come.

He would love to help you as he has helped so many in the past. Contact him today to start your journey to elevate your voice brand.